From the Practice for the Practice

Microsoft Project Training

In nearly all MS Project Seminars you are taught the software functions from A to Z. Coming back home, the project manager asks himself, how he can actually use MS Project in his daily work. Generally he remembers a function and tries to adapt his way of working to it.

Due to my long years of experience as a project manager and with MS Project, my training is different. In that the focus is the question

  • What does a Project Manager do during the project and how can he best use the software so it helps him?
  • And in a way that he gets out of it, ten times more than the work he puts in?

That means a Project Management Training with software from the Project Manager's point of view and not the software's view.

In this training the participants learn to start a new project, to structure it and to follow it up until the end (controlling).

  • Basics of Work Breakdown Structure / Scheduling
  • Basics of MS Project
  • Start a New Project
  • Enter and link Tasks
  • Customising Views (Gantt, network diagram)
  • Resources / Cost
  • MS Project in the Ongoing Project (controlling)
  • Support Claim Management

A complex case study is available, where a real project is handled by the participants. Additionally topics from the customer's actual running projects are included.

The training is available in German and English for the versions up to 2019.