From the Practice for the Practice

Training Concept

To make sure, that the training really changes something in your daily work and does not end up as a dusty file on the shelf, my work is based on the following concept:

  • Learning Workshops
    After splitting up into small groups (2-5), the trainees acquire for themselves the specific know-how in learning workshops, where two to three learning workshops run in parallel. After that every group passes-on their knowledge to the other team members by way of a presentation (as often happens in real-life, when there are different levels of knowledge within a team).
    The trainer works mainly as coach during that process, giving support and correcting if and where necessary.
  • Practising with real-life projects or a case study
    Immediately following the learning workshop on a certain topic, the newly acquired expertise can be trained practically in actual, real projects of the customer. Additionally there is a case study used that is based 100% on a real-life project. All tasks for the trainees are tricky enough to challenge the experienced and at the same time motivate the beginner.  
  • Several blocks of training
    The comprehensive Project Management training sessions are split into up to 3 blocks. So you avoid an overload of information during the training as well as providing the opportunity for the trainees to use and exercise the newly acquired expertise in their daily work.

To sum it up: the trainees do not only learn "how it goes", they "practice how it goes"; or: "Permanent Coaching of the trainees with knowledge transfer".